The world has changed for leaders. Leaders are being called on to upgrade habits, transform cultures and create workplaces where all people thrive. Executives are being asked to lead in a whole new way that often contradicts how things have been done for decades.

Our Executive Coaching Program provides the most current, up-to-date coaching and skill-building for leading in the new workplace.

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Executive Coaching Program Includes:

  • Monthly, one-hour, 1:1 coaching sessions with a certified Executive Coach over a nine-month period
  • Three Robust Assessments:
    • Leadership Circle Profile 360: priceless feedback on your leadership style and impact
    • Enneagram Leadership Profile: a personality type assessment to surface key leadership values, motivators and blindspots
    • Leadership Culture Survey: a comprehensive look at current state and aspirational goals for the culture you lead
  • Nine, two-hour skill-building workshops containing current leadership philosophies designed to increase your capacity as a leader 
  • A comprehensive workbook and leadership books to support the integration of what is taught in the two-hour sessions
  • On-the-spot coaching, as needed, throughout the 9-month engagement

Download full overview here

Session Schedule: All group sessions run 7:30a-9:30a Pacific Time. 

    1. March 18: The Five New Habits for Leaders

    2. April 15:  Cultivating a Leader’s Mindset

    3. May 13: Revealing Blindspots, Surfacing Strengths

    4. June 10: Mastering Healthy Conflict 

    5. July 15: Developing Others Through Feedback

    6. August 12: Creating a Culture of Belonging

    7. September 9: Expanding Your Strategic Thinking

    8. October 14: Leading Through Change and Transition

    9. November 18: Declaring the Way Forward