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Virtual Training and Coaching

All our programs are now available in a virtual setting.  

Our virtual training programs provide you with the tools and frameworks needed to keep leading during disruptive times.

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Virtual Series: Leading Through Disruption

A five-session series that helps teams and leaders manage work in disruptive times.

Sessions are designed to be quick and easy - allowing participants to gain new insights that can be instantly applied in the real world.


Virtual Series Topics: 

  1. Being a Port in the Storm 
  2. Effective Collaboration  
  3. Stress-Based Reactions 
  4. Navigating Ordeals 
  5. Core Strengths 


Team Development:  Power of Collaboration

A six-session program that gives teams the tools needed to produce the remarkable.

Teams are being challenged to adapt to a quickly-changing world that is requiring new ways of working. 

Download program overview, here.

Program Modules:

  1. The Five Elements Collaboration
  2. Holding a Shared Compelling Purpose  
  3. Developing Trust and Respect 
  4. Increasing Competence 
  5. Building Strength Through Breakdown
  6. Engaging the Power of Appreciation


Expanding Resiliency Together

Weekly group coaching cohorts that make life and work easier.

Sessions are designed to give co-workers time to connect live, receive coaching and new tools, and build resiliency together.

Download program overview, here.

 Cohort Coaching Sessions:

  1. Dealing with Personal Stress and Anxiety through Disruptive Times 
  2. Stages of Change and What to Expect 
  3. Self Care and Coping Strategies
  4. Staying Connected in the Face of Isolation
  5. Grounding Yourself and Staying Focused on Future Outcomes

Team Essentials: Customized Series

A custom-designed series to meet your specific development needs.

Pulling from proven training modules, we work with you to build a series that caters to what you need most. Sessions are interactive and transformative.

Download program overview, here.

Download our catalog of modules, here.

How it works:

  1. Submit the Contact Us form on this page
  2. Schedule a 30-minute call to tell us your wishes
  3. Receive your 3-5 session outline
  4. Start the series!

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