(206) 686-4400 ext. 13

(206) 686-4400 ext. 13

Virtual Series: Tools to Keep Leading During Times of Change


Come as you are. All are welcome.

That means kids, friends and family too!

Series starts March 26, 11:00-11:30PST


Quick and easy virtual sessions to support you as you navigate new frontiers at work and at home.

Come as you are. Include your family and friends. We want you to join us!

Virtual Series Topics: 

  1. Being a Port in the Storm - Staying steady and focused  
  2. Effective Collaboration  - Five things to consider as you work remotely
  3. Stress-Based Reactions - Behaviors that derail us at work and at home
  4. Navigating Ordeals - Keeping an open heart, mind, and will 
  5. The Culture Code - 3 questions many are asking right now
  6. Core Strengths -  Bringing your best self at work and at home
  7. Holding the Tension - Taking small actions to move to the future we want
Note: Our goal is to provide the most useful content given the circumstances. Please know that session topics and order may shift.


This program will be offered on a donation-only basis. Suggested donation is $125/person. Donations received will be given to Seattle Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund. Donations are optional - you are welcome to join at no cost. All sessions will be recorded.

Webinar Schedule:

All sessions 11:00-11:30am PST - Recordings will be sent out after each session.

Sessions Dates:

  1. March 26
  2. April 1
  3. April 7
  4. April 13
  5. April 21
  6. April 28
  7. May 6

Registration includes the following:

  • 7, 30-minute virtual support sessions
  • Introduction to ideas that can be used at work and at home
  • Live Q&A during each training session
  • Recording of each session 



Feel free to contact Shanon Olsen for more information: