Nearly 70% of American workers reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most stressful time of their career.  

It is time to provide the support they need.

Expanding Resiliency Together

This program is designed to provide the space, time and tools needed to move through this disruptive time.

Meeting weekly, co-workers engage in 5, 45 minute sessions designed to provide the necessary time to connect, receive coaching, acquire new tools, and build resiliency together. 

Download program overview, here.

Each cohort consists of 10-12 participants.  Session focus areas:

  1. Dealing with Personal Stress and Anxiety through Disruptive Times 
  2. Stages of Change and What to Expect 
  3. Self Care and Coping Strategies
  4. Staying Connected in the Face of Isolation
  5. Grounding Yourself and Staying Focused on Future Outcomes

Results participants can expect:

  • Less isolation, greater connection to co-workers
  • Increased energy and steadiness
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Improved quality of life at work and at home
  • A tool kit of useful model and practices to keep leading

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