We know that choosing a presenter for an event can be a risky and daunting task. Finding a great speaker supports you in creating an event that leaves a lasting impact.

We believe that you deserve a speaker that will work in partnership to make your event a success.

For 25 years we have delivered speeches and presentations that engage audiences, provide new thinking, and make a lasting impact. We bring a depth of leadership development expertise based in our real world experience of coaching 1000s of Executives, teams and leaders within healthcare, utility, technology and finance. As thought leaders in our industry it is our job to bring the best and newest thinking to you.

Popular Speeches and Presentations:

  • The Five New Habits of Conscious Leadership: 20 years of experience has led us to define the five habits that great leaders embrace to ensure their organizations are alive with leaders that are keeping pace with today's complex challenges. This speech describes the old ways of working that limit our success as well as the new habits needed to grow and succeed.
  • The Power of Collaboration:  Designed to challenge and shift the way you think and work with others, this interactive session introduces the Five Elements of Collaboration. You will leave this session with at least 5 new strategies for being a more collaborative leader and for leading collaborative efforts. These five elements can be the cornerstone for leaders to step up their level of leadership or for revitalizing a culture.
  • Better Together: The Power of Partnership for Women: This speech challenges women to become partners to one another rather than competitors. It points to the research that supports the need for more women in positions of power. And it will encourage women leaders to embrace the difference they make at work.