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Popular Speeches and Presentations:

The Happiness Factor @ Work:  Unhappiness at work is costly. It is estimated that 550 million workdays are lost each year due to stress on the job. The turnover rate is something to watch closely as the War for Talent rages on. The leader’s new job is to create workplaces where people are not only well, but happy. Top insights from the latest studies will be revealed, and leaders will leave with practical tools to transform their workplaces.

This engaging presentation will empower you to:

  • Understand what leaders of happy companies do differently
  • Discover the three key levers you can put into action now to create a culture where high-performers stay
  • Understand the role of transparency and openness in creating a happy culture
  • Be inspired to reimagine new ways of working

The Power of Collaboration:  Wouldn’t it be great if all we needed to do to improve collaboration was simply to agree to work together, better? Of course, but building collaboration doesn’t work this way. The need for new ways of working has us reaching across organizational lines, navigating a quickly changing workforce, and empowering employees at all levels.

The Power of Collaboration is a framework designed to challenge and shift the way you think and work with others. During this session, you will be introduced to the framework along with practices you can take back to your workplace and instantly apply. Leaders and teams who utilize this framework experience increased productivity, improved business results, higher engagement and overall greater work satisfaction.

The Five New Habits of Conscious Leadership: Twenty years of experience has led us to define the five habits that great leaders embrace to ensure their organizations are alive with leaders who are keeping pace with today's complex challenges. This speech describes the old ways of working that limit our success as well as the new habits needed to grow and succeed.