DEI efforts demand more than a one-off training.

Great leaders know there is always more to discover about what lies hidden in the way we lead and work with others.

It is not enough to know what there is to talk about.  Teams and leaders also need to know HOW to have the important conversations. People need to be given the right tools that allow them to move safely out of their comfort zone, build a strong foundation of trust in order to have the uncomfortable conversations, explore blind spots with curiosity, all the while knowing it will make a difference.

Working with certified consultants and experts, you will dive into learning and conversations around diversity, equity and, inclusion.  This work is designed to be challenging, and yes, at times uncomfortable. We are committed to you being a more conscious leader and effectively addressing racism and implicit bias at work is part of that journey. 

What makes our approach different:

  • We partner with senior leaders to ensure the work is integrated into the culture - Not only does this create a positive impact on retention, engagement, and morale, it also supports forward momentum on strategy and vision.
  • This work is done through a leadership development approach with a DEI lens. Your leaders will acquire new skills and increase their awareness around DEI. As we see it, DEI and leadership development go hand in hand.
  • Creating psychological safety and building trust is paramount to the process. For this reason, we first provide the tools needed to ensure successful conversations, expand self-awareness, and create partnerships.
  • We are in a conversation with you. We bring real-world, real-life examples to the work. We are not here to talk at you, we are here to talk with you.

Three Phases:

  1. Gathering Data: Clear picture of current state
  2. Creating Alignment: Shared tools for success
  3. Getting to Work: DEI learning and development series


  • Data collection via survey
  • Two-hour session with Leadership Team to discuss data collected*
  • Learning cohorts established
  • Five two-hour virtual sessions
  • *Note:  1:1 coaching or additional training to support overall success may be recommended

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