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Your Investment Matters

We take your investment to heart.  Here you will find various case studies and leader impact stories that highlight what is possible when you invest in proven leader and team development programs.

White Paper

Leading During Change

Henley Leadership_White Paper_Leading in Turbulent Times_v1j_for-web Jun 14 2018

Many of the ways we work are now outdated. Here we provide five new habits to take on that will increased your effectiveness.

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Leader Impact Study

Manage Work Overload

Leader impact story - manager workload management CC HS

Disrupting the Cycle of Work Overload: How one manager saved time and improved her team's productivity.

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ROI of Listening 

Improved Productivity

Leader impact story - ROI of listening CC HS

Changing the Way We Listen:  How listening alone improved productivity and saved a team both time and money.

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10 Things that Sabotage 

Forbes article Dede Henley HS

Most leaders know what they need to stop doing. Read about the 10 auto-pilot behaviors we see most frequently used at work. 

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Leader Impact Study

Union Environment

Leader impact story - union work loads CC HS

Managing Workloads: How a supervisor's unusual approach paid off with his unionized team.

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ROI of Collaboration

Effective Teamwork 

ROI of Collaboration Insights Paper_final CC HS

The ROI of Collaboration:  How improved teamwork resulted in a dramatic, measurable, positive financial outcome for the company. Click here to read article.



Puget Sound Biz Journal

Want to Lead better?

Article-A Coach is a Good Thought Partner HS

If you want to be a better leader, hire a coach.  When you hire a coach, you hire a thought partner. A coach can help you:

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Leader Impact Study

Employee Engagement

Leader impact story - employee engagement and self awarenessCC HS

Increased Self Awareness: How greater EQ increased employee engagement and prouctivity.

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Utility Case Study

Utility Case Study

PSE ICF PRISM 2016 Case Study HS

Powering Up It's Leaders: How one company used coaching to support its leadership development.

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