We are Committed to Growth and Transformation

THAT work is Fulfilling & A Great Place to Be. . . 

Every single member of our team is committed to growth and transformation. We have committed that our own workplace and our offerings to our clients reflect our commitment that work be a fulfilling and great place to be. This is true of our coaches and consultants, as well as of every team member from marketing to client services. If you work with Henley Leadership Group, you have demonstrated an active way of living that shows this matters to you.

If you are interested in joining our coaching or consulting team, this means you have:
  • Decided you would like to be part of a collaborative team experience where generosity of spirit to make each other and our workplaces outstanding would be a worthwhile game to play.
  • Completed coach certification from a credible school or advanced degree in a relevant field (organization development or psychology, etc.).
  • At least five years of experience as a professional leadership coach with demonstrated results and referrals.
  • Experience delivering inquiry-based facilitation learning programs.
  • Worked to build a viable practice and understand what it takes.
  • Continued your own personal development journey over time through education, therapy, transformational programs or other forms of learning that required you to demonstrate your ability to be vulnerable, consider the hard choices of change and made those changes.
  • Become comfortable with appropriate sharing of that journey in your work so that it is easier for others you are coaching or leading to do the same – you can walk the talk.
  • A belief that humility, humor, joy and fun can occur during a transformative experience.
Additionally, at this time, we are also requiring additional certification and experience with the following:
  • The Leadership Circle Profile
  • Enneagram used for leaders and teams (Integrative Enneagram, Riso Hudson, etc.)
  • Completion of a credible DEI course that demonstrates your awareness and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (Ex: Whiteness at Work).
If you can say “yes” to all of the above and would like to learn more, please contact carol@henleyleadership.com.